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life in your hands

Clear Information Immediately through sensing and feeling emotions

The JIH Method® is a kind of life coaching and personal development based on sensing and feeling emotions and processing energies - our emotions, thoughts, attitude, mindset, various illusions and dogma that are powerful and influence our life deeply.


Sensing and feeling emotions with The JIH Method® allows me to help you in any aspect of your life because each aspect is important and if there is disharmony in any part of it, it will sooner or later affect our life as a whole.

The JIH Method® is unique by providing clear information, particular naming and finding the source of your discomfort and limitations that prevent the natural flow of your energy. I work through the whole timeline and release stuck energy. I lead you to understanding yourself which is  very important. Those AHA-moments that you reach allow you to perceive the situations of your life from a different point of view and necessary distance.  Then you make decisions on what other steps to take and the direction of your life. 

Therapy with The JIH Method®


I sense and clear energy blocks that prevent the natural flow of your energy. As a therapist of the JIH Method® I´m neutral while working with you. The main part is naming the source and the beginning of your discomfort. I work thorough the whole timeline – from past to future lives. You don´t have to experience traumatic and other painful situations from your past lives again. I clear all the blocks in your energy. 


I feel your real emotions, identify them and clear all the connections. You immediately get clear information and feel relieved. We talk about your emotions, so you start to understand why and what´s happening in your life and why you feel the way you feel. 

Your energy returns to prosperity and new opportunities and starts to flow naturally again. After our session you will become aware of all connections – such as emotions, thoughts, attitudes, etc.

I also give you simple principles on how to work with yourself. The next part is up to you and is very important for changing your life and transforming to new opportunities. I´m here for you if you need to discuss your experience and get my insight.  As per my experience and understanding of self-development, nobody should be on their path alone. 


My journey to myself

The JIH Method® has resonated with me from the beginning. It all made sense and won me over with its clarity and efficiency through which I felt inner relief.


I constantly had doubts about myself, I lived in fear and dealt with relationship and chronic health issues. Everything was connected to everything. I wanted to be able to know what´s what and what I've been going through. I wanted to be able to help myself at a given moment. And that's exactly what The JIH Method® offers to learn.


Thanks to The JIH Method® and my inner efforts I´ve learned to work with my emotions and thoughts. Gradually, I started to understand where my discomfort in my body and mind came from, why some situations happened to me over and over again, and why I could not change it at the moment.

I´ve been discovering my true self and it was the best decision ever.

I take it as a chance to understand my life more and more, create it as I feel and grow through it.

How The JIH Method® was created

The JIH Method® was created by Jarka Matušková and Hanka Mokrá. Both of them were also looking for help in life for themselves. Previously, they had worked with other techniques and joined their experience. They´re exploring more of their sensing and feeling in wider contexts by sharing and looking for other interconnectedness. The JIH Method® was created as a complex help for people, but also as a lifestyle.


The JIH Method® offers a wide range of possibilities for self-knowledge and personal growth and belongs to the TOP in the field of personal development.



Jarka Matušková and Hanka Mokrá

The authors of The JIH Method®

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