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My name is Martina Zelenická. I´m a creative soul, loving mum, wife and friend. My lifelong dream has come true - I love my life and explore what I like doing, learning and creating. I help people find their true self and reach self-fulfillment, so they perceive their own life as a gift with all that belongs to it.

My story

In the past I was always struggling with my own self-worth, relationships and communication issues. I had doubts about myself, my skills and my decisions. I didn't trust my intuition, nor my inner impulses. My decisions were often based on fear. My life used to be a roller coaster ride in which I felt confused in my feelings and thoughts. I was constantly tired. 


These issues became more visible in my everyday life when my children were born. I had an intense need to do something about it. Deep in my soul I felt that it's possible to change it, grow, develop, follow my dreams and live a life that I enjoy. I´ve never wanted to accept the notion that life should be complicated and tough.


I tried various ways of self-development, all of which enriched me and brought new understanding to my life. However, I felt I needed to work with myself in a wider context.  

One day I found The JIH Method® which resonated with me from the beginning. I felt its power, clarity and could feel the changes inside of me really quickly. I started to get to know and be aware of the mechanisms of my mind, my attitudes that limited me and isolated me from my true self. Since then I've learnt to perceive myself and my everyday life in a new way. I appreciate myself and it influences my relationships, work and health. My life has blossomed out as a whole and I love the simplicity of each day which is so precious.


It has been my big dream since high school to help people. I´ve always been interested in psychology, the connection between thinking and behaviour. I felt I needed to improve my inner stability and anchor myself, so I could develop in this direction. The steps that I took led to understanding and accepting myself.


In 2016 I passed therapeutic training of The JIH Method® and in 2019 I became a Professional Therapist of The JIH Method®. Now I provide therapies in English and Czech and hold an on-line course The School of Life - The School of Humanity and Abundance. In all of these programmes and courses I help people to understand themselves and their own life, I lead them to perceive their inner self by simple principles of The JIH Method®, so their life can be renewed into a prosperous and healthy one.


I´ve continually been working on my personal development as I feel this is the way I like and it shows me that everything is possible when I believe in myself and perceive what is in harmony with me and what is not. And that is important for my decisions. It doesn't mean that I don't struggle with any uncomfortable situations but I've learnt to rely on myself in any situation that might arise.


Furthermore, I´m exploring myself and the beauties of life and relationships and I´m happy about that. I like inspiring people and leading them into joy, love, understanding, active and creative life.

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